AP Calc

Before School (7:15 everyday and earlier upon request), after school, 7th hour seminar (first semester).


Student Expectations:

·        Follow all policies set forth by the school

·        Be on time for class.  (in the classroom before the bell)  SEE BOTTOM

·        Be prepared... book, homework, calculator, pencil, notebook, folder, tools.

·        Show respect for all members of the classroom: teacher, students, guests, themselves.

·        Turn in homework at designated time.  

·        Take responsibility to obtain notes and find out assignments if absent.

·        Make up all tests and quizzes before or after school or seminar.  YOU are responsible for setting up the time with the teacher within 2 days of your return to class.

·        Any missing assignments are due the day prior to the assessment.

·        Make the effort needed to assure successful completion of this class.


Grading:     Assessments (90 percent) number of assessments vary per chapter

Assignments (10 percent) all assignments are due prior to the quiz/test.

www.CalcChat.com for worked out solutions to odd number exercises

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