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Technology on AP Test

From CollegeBoard:

Technology Restrictions on the Exams

You are not permitted to use these items on the AP Calculus Exams: nongraphing scientific calculators, portable and handheld computers, laptops, electronic writing pads, pocket organizers.


Additionally, you cannot use any graphing calculator models with these features or capabilities: QWERTY (typewriter-like) keypad as part of hardware or software (e.g., TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200); pen-input, stylus or touch-screen (e.g., PalmPilot, personal digital assistant, Casio ClassPad); wireless or Bluetooth capabilities; paper tapes; talk or make noise; require an electrical outlet; have cell phone, audio, or video recording capability; can access the Internet; or camera or scanning capability. Also, the use of hardware peripherals with an approved calculator is prohibited.


Proctors are required to check calculators before the exam. Therefore, it is important for each student to have an approved calculator. Students should be thoroughly familiar with the operation of the calculators they plan to use on the exam. Calculators may not be shared, and communication between calculators is prohibited during the exam. Students may bring to the exam one or two (but no more than two) graphing calculators from the current List of Graphing Calculators.


Calculator memories will not be cleared. Students are allowed to bring to the exam calculators containing whatever programs they want. Students must not use calculator memories to take test materials out of the room. Students that attempt to remove test materials from the room by any method will have their exam grades invalidated.


Pasted from <https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/apcourse/ap-calculus-ab/calculator-policy

Calculator program site:  You will need Ti-Connect for these programs: