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Event Registration

(1) PARKING FRIDAY  This must be communicated to all parents, coaches, mentors who will be driving to the event Friday morning.  THERE IS NO ONSITE PARKING FRIDAY MORNING.  Here is how parking works (found here on the event information page):

+ You arrive at Lakeview High School between 6:30 and 7:00am OR after 7:40am (DO NOT PLAN TO DRIVE TO LAKEVIEW HIGH SCHOOL BETWEEN 7 and 7:40AM, YOU WILL GET CAUGHT UP WITH STUDENT TRAFFIC).
+ A continuously running shuttle bus (it's big, it's yellow, you used to ride one as a kid) brings you back to Lakeview High School.
+ You have a great time and your robot does everything you wanted it to!  Also, you have great alliance partners and corn dogs rain from the sky.
+ AFTER LUNCH, you may take the shuttle bus (same one) back to First Wesleyan Church and get your vehicle to then park on site.  The shuttle will continue to run until 8pm every half hour or so.

(2) FOOD!  If you want to pre-order lunch, you can do so here.  Because this is a two day event, you must specify for which day you are ordering.  You may order the same thing for both days or you can submit two different entries (one for each day).  MONEY IS REQUIRED UPON REGISTRATION LESS YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ORDERED THE FOOD.  All ordered food will be made available at the specified date during the lunch break.  The food will be found waiting for you in the cafeteria with your team number labeled.

There will be a concession stand inside the arena/fortress/gymnasium/your temporary home for two days starting Thursday evening.  There will be coffee, popcorn, hot dogs, pizza, nachos, pretzels, candy.

(3) PITS!  All of the pits and practice field will be in the Auxiliary Gym.  Be kind to your neighbors, but pits will be 9.5' x 9.5'.

(4) AT THE END... Please have your team clean up any and all trash that will have accumulated via intense periods of scouting/cheering/celebrating/wondering if that's your robot you're smelling.  Our teams, custodians and planet Earth thank you.

(5) AROUND US... Should the need arise, we have many resources on hand.  Next door to Lakeview is a Meijer grocery; down the street is Fastenal and Springfield Do It Best Center; for food there are a plethora of options along Columbia Ave.  Enjoy!