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Election Info

The Role Of A Student Council Class Representative:

As a Student Council Class Representative, you are constantly representing not only your respective class, but, also, Portage Central High School. If elected, it is expected that you demonstrate appropriate behavior and leadership qualities inside and outside of Student Council. The pride Student Council has is a long living tradition, so, it is your job to carry on the tradition with the utmost respect and responsibility as a potential member. Also, Student Council members are expected to make a consistent effort to participate and contribute to our school and our events. Student Council is fortunate enough to have a class period each day to ensure that we have time to be productive. This is a privilege that is valued and can be taken away; thus, this time is not to be taken for granted. Our class period is to be spent working hard to improve Portage Central school spirit and events. The Student Council is responsible for a tremendous amount of events throughout the school year, so its members must be diligent and cooperative workers.

Student Council Responsibilities:

                                  • Fall and Winter Homecoming Dances
                                  • Homecoming Pep Assemblies
                                  • Breadlift
                                  • Men’s Volleyball
                                  • Sadie Hawkins Dance
                                  • Talent Show
                                  • Class Fundraising
                                  • Any other events created in the year 

Each event listed above comes with countless tasks that must be taken care of in a timely, thorough, and well thought-out manner. Different committees are in charge of different events; however, all Student Council members help with planning and executing events in a combined effort. Outside of school events, Student Council members are expected to listen to the student body and address student ideas/suggestions at the Council level. 

Break-Down Of Student Council Grade:

Due to the designated class time allotted to Student Council, members receive grades. Therefore, Student Council grades will be earned and determined by four different evaluations:

                                  • Teacher Evaluation (Mr. Hoopingarner)
                                  • Officer Evaluations (Elise Eichman, Eileen Schuring, Cara Haas, Sophie Varney, Drew Lawler)
                                  • Class Advisor Evaluations 
                                  • Self Evaluation

These evaluations will take place weekly and your grade will reflect your work ethic as a Representative. Day-to-day efforts will weigh in fairly high, so it is important to actively participate as a Student Council Class Representative.